We Won’t Pay Our Federal Student Loans

We are the ITT Tech:

To President Obama and Secretary King:

We are former students of ITT Technical Institutes and members of the Debt Collective. We refuse to pay our government-issued student loans. We do not owe them. In fact, you owe us and our fellow ITT borrowers. By striking our debts, we begin to collect on your obligation to erase them.

In August, you announced that you would ban further enrollment at ITT. Finally. Since you did not announce you would cancel our debts, we have no choice but to declare a debt strike.

Each of us is still left with tens of thousands of dollars of debt to you, the very agency that was supposed to have protected us from ITT’s scam.

In demanding full discharges of our federal student loans, we join with former Corinthian students who, through their brave collective action, made discharges for defrauded students a possibility. Most members of the Corinthian Collective have still received no relief, however. We support them, and we know they support us, in our joint quest for debt relief.

The declaration of the Corinthian strikers is no less true now than it was over a year ago:

We trusted that education would lead to a better life. And we trusted you to ensure that the education system in this country would do so. Instead, each month you force us to make payments into an immoral system that profits from our aspirations. This is a profound betrayal.

These are debts we cannot pay and should never have been forced to. Erase them now. Return what we have already paid. Our debt strike will continue until justice is served.


Alyse Zachary
I have been overcharged and undereducated. Since we are forced to take on student loans as if education were a consumer good, I demand a refund for poor service.

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Joseph White 
I'm a former member of the Missouri Army National Guard. I owe $165K in student loan debt. I owe as much as if I owned a house.

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Samir Omerani 
I went to ITT because they promised me a better life. They take advantage of people who are new to the USA like I was.

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Sandra Watson

Sandra Watson
By going to ITT Tech, I worked hard to better myself and my situation only to find out that it was for nothing. ITT took advantage of my class background for their profit. 

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Niki Howland
ITT Tech took advantage of my dreams by selling me lies. I was one of those “statistics”: a poor and naïve girl who could be convinced into taking out loans I would never be able to repay. I was perfect prey for the predator that is ITT Tech.

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Christina Hammond 
I was not provided the education ITT Tech promised me. I was lied to about job placement and the funding that I was receiving to fund my education. 

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Chad Howard
As with many students, I believed I was going to get a quality education and begin a lucrative path of success as promised by ITT and its staff. Instead I received a very low quality education. 

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Ronnie Goodwin
ITT Tech not only robbed me of my $150K and my education, but they also robbed me of my hopes and dreams. I went to ITT Tech to better myself with the dream of leaving the fast food industry after 14 years.

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How to Join the Strike

The more ITT student debtors who take a stand, the more likely we all are to get debt discharges. We are more powerful together. Before you decide to join the strike, you should learn about the consequences of non-payment in our FAQ section. Regardless of your loan status, you can join over 1,000 ITT students and contest your debt with the Dept. of Ed here. See FAQ for more info

Striking means ceasing all payments on your federal student loans. You should sign up as a striker if you are a former ITT student who is:

  • In default (have not made a payment in 270 days or more) and don’t plan to resume payments.
  • In forbearance or deferment and don’t plan to resume payments.
  • In a grace period and don’t plan to begin making payments.
  • In Income-Based Repayment with $0 monthly payments, and don’t plan to pay if payments increase.
  • Delinquent (behind on payments), and they plan to either default or to sign up for deferment or forbearance in order to avoid payment.

Strikers and supporters are staying in touch on Facebook at ITT Tech Warriors.

2,255 former ITT students have disputed their Federal loans via Defense to Repayment. Read more about DTR in our FAQ section.

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