We are former students of ITT Technical Institutes and members of the Debt Collective. We refuse to pay our government-issued student loans. We do not owe them. In fact, you owe us and our fellow ITT borrowers. By striking our debts, we begin to collect on your obligation to erase them.

In August, you announced that you would ban further enrollment at ITT. Finally. Since you did not announce you would cancel our debts, we have no choice but to declare a debt strike.

Each of us is still left with tens of thousands of dollars of debt to you, the very agency that was supposed to have protected us from ITT’s scam.

In demanding full discharges of our federal student loans, we join with former Corinthian students who, through their brave collective action, made discharges for defrauded students a possibility. Most members of the Corinthian Collective have still received no relief, however. We support them, and we know they support us, in our joint quest for debt relief.

The declaration of the Corinthian strikers is no less true now than it was over a year ago:

We trusted that education would lead to a better life. And we trusted you to ensure that the education system in this country would do so. Instead, each month you force us to make payments into an immoral system that profits from our aspirations. This is a profound betrayal.

These are debts we cannot pay and should never have been forced to. Erase them now. Return what we have already paid. Our debt strike will continue until justice is served.