Chad Howard – Northport, Alabama

As with many students, I believed I was going to get a quality education and begin a lucrative path of success as promised by ITT and its staff. Instead I received:  a very low quality education, student loans that are next to impossible to pay off, credits that are useless and a degree that has no value. I will not pay predatory and unfair loans that for a school that no longer exists. I am just trying to make a decent life for myself and my family. I do not want a free ride; I want to be able to put this nightmare behind me and get on with my life.

In 2005, I enrolled in ITT Tech’s Bessemer, Alabama campus to get an associates degree in computer networking. Like others, I was enticed by the promise of classes focused on my field and getting a $70,000 a year job before I even graduated. They also claimed to have flexible schedules, top notch instructors, and great equipment. These all turned out to be bold-faced lies.

I expected to find some of the introductory classes easy given my experience with computers, but as time went on I realized that none of the classes were actually designed to help us learn. Our books were laughably out of date; our training equipment worked only 40% of the time; many of our “professors” did not understand basic concepts about computers. In fact, ITT fired the few good professors we had because they would not get with the program.

Several of my classmates and I complained to the dean several times and gave several bad reviews on our end of quarter reviews. We talked to everyone we could but no one listened. We all would complain about the instructors as well as the consequence-free cheating from the students and nothing would be done about it. A friend of mine as well as other students confronted the dean about the cheating in the electronics class, but the dean’s response was “who cares; they paid their money”.

ITT milked as much money as it could get out of us. We were forced to do “repacks” with our loans at ITT. The school would never tell us the exact purpose of these repacks and they never made sense to us. They would be pushed on students right at the point in the program where they had invested substantial amounts of time but if they dropped out they would not receive their degree. The “repacks” made the price of what we owed almost double for what we signed on for.

I have tried to apply for forbearance as well as attempted to work something out with my student loan creditors but none of them have been willing to work with me since I started paying my loans back. So I am striking against all my student loans.