Christopher Sparks – Cincinnati, OH

Name: Christopher Sparks
Location: Cincinnati, OH

I have already paid thousands on my federal and private loans. This debt has destroyed my credit, from the over-exuberant reporting practices of the PEAKS loan processors.

I am now in default with a loan I was forced to take out with very little information. I was then lied to about the fact that my 8 percent loan had been acquired by another processing company that I had zero information about.

After performing my own personal mini-strike until information was mailed to me, I found out the interest rate had doubled and that I was making minimum payments. 3 years of spinning my wheels and no progression.

Having already spent $8000 + in a three year period, I consider my private loan paid in full. My original agreement with the school was for $8000 at zero percent interest. We are done here, remove this insane interest remainder off my credit so I can get on with my life.