David Salazar – New Mexico

Name: David Salazar
Location: New Mexico

It still frustrates me that there are many bullshit promises out there about how education can better your life with a better job and better pay for a better life. I’m tired of all that and there being no real commitment from their end. We put out efforts in to graduate, however long it takes.

Through good and bad times we make graduation happen. Yet, upon graduation, the job market is just as crap as if one didn’t go to school and the school(s) aren’t really helping in any sense. The only help one gets is stupid links from like job hunting websites. That is bullshit help.

I don’t think one should have to pay for the education unless it guarantees a job. Education isn’t really something like a television set or a new pair of pants that you can’t take back for a refund in case it didn’t work out.

I recently enrolled in a chance to have my loans forgiven with all those laws going around to help with student loans. Yet I have a feeling that I may be getting scammed. Once I find out that I was scammed I don’t know what to do other then just give up on paying my loans.

The government should just completely wipe out all student debt and start over with whole new and approved-by-the- public better laws and policies for student loans. If there really was a true concern on this topic, I don’t see why they can’t just do that.

Cancel all debt and start over fresh. Just like we all have to do when the education we worked for doesn’t come through.