Gabe Sweeney – Michigan

Name: Gabe Sweeney
Location: Michigan

I went to ITT Tech to better myself and my family. As of now all I have is a piece of paper and huge debt. Teachers sometimes did not show up to class but we would get credit for being there. They let students do what they wanted. Examples: play on computers in class and just get an A for being there.

I felt that I was taught nothing of value due to the poor teachings.  If you are paying that much for a degree you should get something out of it. THEY TAUGHT NOTHING. When asking for help the teachers did not know the answers. I had one teacher say he was there for a paycheck. He really didn’t know what he was teaching.

When you asked for help you were told to Google it. The career center that was a joke. They would pass job posting along like for cell phone stores, restaurants, nothing in our field. I am not in a job that I went to school for and it is depressing.

I have tried and tried and have not gotten what I was promised with the degree I received. Even on blizzard-condition days when every college campus around was closed they still had us come in until our first break so they could get their money for having the students there. Books and material were so outdated they did not even pertain to our course. Also the labs and the equipment never worked. Were told that the credits would transfer to different schools and that is not the case.

Also a few weeks before graduating I was called to the finical aid office to sign more paperwork otherwise I could not graduate even though I signed papers 4 weeks prior to this. This is true case of fraud. I cannot give my family the life they deserve because of the debt.