Gilbert Gonzales – Phoenix, AZ

Name: Gilbert Gonzales
Location: Phoenix, AZ

I got a my worthless degree in Drafting and Design in 2007. Boy did this school sell me a dream that would change my life with a salary upwards to 100K.

When I finished my program they found me a job as a drafter for 10 bucks an hour. Keep in mind I have a family. I was in a construction job already making 16 an hour. Why would I take that pay cut?

I stayed with the same government entity I was already working for and never used my degree. I want my debt erased so that way I can go back to a credible school to obtain a degree with some value behind it.

All ITT did was put me in debt for the rest of my life, ruined my credit, and credit is everything in this world. Without credit your life changes drastically even down to socially and emotionally. I could never buy that house like I thought I would be able to. I will never own a new vehicle because I have no credit.

That makes providing for my family 100 times more difficult. I was better off never attending this school than to be enslaved with debt that is life changing. The deceit, the predatory lending, the lies and lies this school sells to get your federal loans. This school was for profit, and strictly for profit.