Jacob Johnson – Grandville, MI

Name: Jacob Johnson
Location: Grandville, MI

From the moment I set foot on the ITT Campus I was lied to and constantly deceived. They used whatever means was available to excite you and con you into making an irrational decision. They get your blood pumping and your adrenaline going so that your not thinking clearly. Flying through documents so fast I had no idea what I was signing. I was conned into signing an enrollment agreement and before I knew what was happening I was already signed up for classes.

When I tried to complain that I had only come to make an informed decision they told me it was too late. I reluctantly began school because I was being pressured by my family to go and I needed their help to survive. I know owe around $70,000 that I will never be able to repay since my interest is greater than my payment.

When my baby girl wants to go to college when I’m 50 I will have to tell her “Sorry honey I can’t afford to send you to college, dad still is paying on his loans.” ITT destroyed my future and my children’s future.

My story continues for many more pages, but it comes down to the facts: We the students of ITT were deceived about the quality of the education we would receive, about job placement , about the wages and worth of our degree, about the cost of our programs and repayment, about loans and financial aid, and here’s the big one, – about the consequences going to ITT would bring and the devastating impact it would have on so many lies. “ITT Education to destroy your future” For these reasons I STRIKE!