Karl Thomas, Jr. – San Antonio, TX

Name: Karl Thomas, Jr.
Location: San Antonio, TX

I am a former graduate of this horrible school. Unfortunately, during that time, I wanted to get a college degree so my kids can be proud of me and also so I can make a better life for them.

I didn’t have any knowledge about their “predatory lending tactics” so i enrolled with a positive attitude. I did however do extremely well with a constant 4.0 GPA for the 2 years I attended.

Once I graduated, I found out the hard way that an ITT degree is not worth much… It is for this reason that I had trouble paying my loans. The school lied about guaranteeing that the students would have a job upon graduation and will forever receive employment assistance by the school. None of that was true. The government needs to step up so we can rid our economy of this debt and make our beautiful nation whole again.