Matt Wood – Earth City, MO

Name: Matt Wood
Location: Earth City, MO

I went to ITT Tech from 2008-2011. Like everyone else, I went there to seek better opportunities for my future. I was promised job placement starting at 45k/year. I now currently work at a call center making only minimum wage. I am too embarrassed to even include ITT on my resume now.

During my time there, I showed up every day, turned in all assignments, and made straight A’s earning a 4.0 GPA. What really bothered me was students who barely showed up receiving the same passing grades. A few weeks before getting my Associate’s degree I was pulled from class and told I needed to sign additional documents otherwise I wouldn’t be able to graduate.

That is when I really started to get worried but by then I was way too far in. The labs and software were either outdated or not even licensed. Some of the adjunct instructors looked like they were picked up off the streets and couldn’t even teach the class. We had some instructors get fired or quit on the spot. The last straw for me was career services sending me a scam email from

I left and never went back. Now I am over 50k in debt for loans I’ll never be able to pay back. 10k in private student loans I never even agreed to. I am glad this School has been shut down it does offer me some sort of relief.