Matthew Cole – Knoxville, TN

Name: Matthew Cole
Location: Knoxville, TN
As an ITT Tech alumni for 4 years I have been forced into more debt and a lesser quality of life than I can handle. ITT didn’t explain the student loan process or the high amounts of interest or the number of loans that would be needed.

They somehow allowed my disabled mother to get a loan for me knowing that she’d never be able to pay it back. We were lied to from the very second of walking onto the campus.

There is no lifetime of job placement assistance as promised.

There are no employers who desire ITT grads as promised.

There are no jobs that I am qualified for after receiving a degree from ITT as promised.

ITT has been nothing but broken promises and turmoil for the students of this fraudulent, racketeering, deceptive, deceitful, and criminal organization.

I refuse to pay for subpar and subprime education I received from this shady business that the federal government has been investigating for years and continued to let operate knowing it was defrauding innocent citizens of this nation