MiRanda Toulou-Law – Mountain Home, ID

Name: MiRanda Toulou-Law
Location: Mountain Home, ID

My issue is almost identical to Joseph White’s story. When I approached the Spokane Washington ITT in 2005, I had very specific questions about their “hands on” approach and what could I expect upon graduation.

I even asked if we would have MS certificates or at least the opportunity to gain them at a reduce cost and I was told “yes”. That of course was a complete lie.

They lured me in by telling me about their 95% job placement rate and six figure jobs. Oh and lets not forget about all of the commercials boasting about kids sending their parents on vacations after graduation cause that was a load of baloney. So was the “hands on” method. It was mostly “in theory” method.

When I graduated with an Associates Degree in Computer Networking Systems I was shouldered with over 40K in debt. I can’t buy a home or a new car because of the debt I owe on my loans and paying them back has been a financial nightmare!

Sallie Mae (now Navient) have been complete and utter tyrants when it comes to trying to work with them. They have threatened me and call me starting from six in the morning until late evening. By the way, ITT never did find a job placement for me.

I went to the Department of Labor and found my first IT job. I have never even come close to a six figure job. The most I’ve made is around 42K but now the market seems to be flooded with IT techs so companies aren’t paying much for IT. I’ve even relocated for employment and still, no six figure job.

They lied to me about my loans and repayment amounts. They pressured me into signing for loans that I wasn’t clear on and when I asked for additional information, they told me they would go over everything with everyone later, they never did.

ITT defrauded me about the kind of education I would receive, costs, certifications and quality of education but most of all, they have taken away from my family financially. I want my debts forgiven and ITT held accountable.