Robert Davenport – Aurora, CA

Name: Robert Davenport
Location: Aurora, CA

I was a manager a Burger King and hated it. Decided to go to college. I had been building computers as a hobby and figured I’d make it a career. I enrolled at ITT in Sep of 06, graduated in July of 09 with an associates in CNS.

I’ve had horrible luck finding IT jobs. ALL of the IT jobs I’ve had were contract labor and never found permanent IT employment. Every IT position I held, I was working with people who had no degree or certifications! Career Services was a joke.

They got me ONE interview for a job I wasn’t remotely qualified for. When I enrolled I was showed this pamphlet stating an associates would warrant me 45k a year in salary, but I never came close to that. I’ve been on Income Based Repayment with 45k to the Fed since I graduated in 2009, and my private loans, 24k worth, are in collections.

Any additional income gained went to paying on the student loans. How is a “college” education worth it when the pay increase goes to paying for the loans? While working IT, I still lived paycheck to paycheck and still am now.

I’m 35. I should not be living with my parents! I’m currently working at Burger King, again! College was supposed to fix working that kind of job. My experience with ITT has caused me so much depression that I was suicidal.

A Sallie Mae employee (now Navient) once told me to get a second job to pay for my private loans. I wish I had never gone to ITT and just gotten certifications instead. Most permanent and well-paying IT positions require certifications.

I’m supposed to pay out more time and money that I don’t have for an education that I should have received in the first place? Any IT knowledge I have was gained before attending ITT or on the job after I graduated. I thought I did what I was supposed to do to achieve the American dream only to have it crushed by student debt.

Working at Burger King, paycheck to paycheck, living with my parents is not living! By society’s standards I’m a loser! I would have absolutely no problem paying for student loans if I received what I was sold! If the education was beneficial, I’d be making enough money to pay the loans and still be able to LIVE! I REFUSE TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE PAYING FOR A LIFE I WORKED SO HARD FOR, BUT HAVE BEEN DENIED!