Ronnie Goodwin – Green Bay, WI

ITT Tech not only robbed me of my $150K and my education, but they also robbed me of my hopes and dreams. I went to ITT Tech to better myself with the dream of leaving the fast food industry after 14 years. I enrolled to pursue a career in graphic design and Digital Entertainment. I was young and did not have many resources to research colleges at the time.

I remember seeing the commercials coming on TV that showed ITT was the education provider of the future and that they offered the education that I was looking for. It wasn’t until I was in too deep that I realized I had made one of the biggest mistakes.

In the beginning ITT makes the school sound like a once in a lifetime opportunity with their flexible school schedules, Job contacts and placement with the help of career services, and the cost of going would only cost me $50 a month to repay my loans (that were only obtainable through Sallie Mae).

A few semesters into their trap and you start to realize that everything they told you was just a lie to draw you in and rob you blind. The schedules were set by the school. You had to take classes when they said or you would have to wait an entire year to take it again.

Career services only pointed us towards jobs in fast food, and I was trying to get out of fast food not go back into it. The equipment we used was outdated and could barely run the outdated software that we had to use.

The books were up to date with the software we were using, and maybe 2 of the tutorials in the books actually worked, and that was if you were lucky enough to get a book with all of the pages. Instructors came and went so fast that most of the time we ended up teaching ourselves by finding tutorials online and hoping we could use that to pass the class.

I refuse to live by the debt sentence that ITT has handed out to me. I put in hundreds of hours to pursue my education and help others along the way. All ITT tech gave me was a debt that I can never repay for an education I never received. Not only can I not make the minimum payments of $2,500 a month, but I refuse to pay for something I never received.