Samantha Neal – Des Moines, IA

Name: Samantha Neal
Location: Des Moines, IA

I am a former ITT tech student from the Omaha campus and I have my Associate in multimedia design and was going for a bachelors in video game design, but they dropped the program and I can’t finish it. I am 12 credits from earning that bachelors.

ITT kept taking loans out for the bachelors program putting me in classes before I was suppose to graduate with my associates in September 2009, but they graduated me June 2010.

Now I am stuck paying back a bachelors degree I never got to finish, but still got charged for it. ITT associates programs cost $42,000 and their bachelors program cost $80,000. I’m stuck in the middle paying back $72,000 dollars for an associate.

They put me in serious debt and I am trying to get forgiveness or at least get it knocked down to what I graduated with. I am 32, have to live with my parents because I CAN NOT get a loan or get approved for any apartment or a vehicle.

ITT made themselves sound really cool because they offered a game design program that nowhere in Iowa or the midwest offered. Having stated ITT Technical Institute on a resume is pretty much saying ” Don’t hire me, even if I have when to a college and have a worthless associate” I was hoping for an awesome career in video games, but it’s shattered.