Steve Constant – Riverside, CA

Name: Steve Constant
Location: Riverside, CA

After being promised a better future, I went to ITT TECH Oxnard Campus, where I got my Associates of Science in Criminal Justice. I had already been employed as a Security Guard since 2002.

I started itt tech in 2007. I moved and finished my Bachelors Degree in June 2013 at the San Bernardino campus. After multiple promises the school made to put in in a better job within my field, I realized that they lied and never did.

I was promised that I would be making a miniumim of 40,000 dollars after graduation. I have been a Security Guard making min. Wages for the past 14 years. I applied to law offices, corrections, probation, parole, police departments and I always got the same “thank you, but no thank you” response or a flat out we do not reconize your degrees.

I can not live on a min wage job and pay rent, and other bills. I am over 100k in debt and have nothing to show for it. This debt has led me to have anxienty, and depression. I feel like I could never own a house, or provide enough for my family.

I went to college to be able to have a finacial future for myself and my family and I was lied to. My degrees did not even help me attain a raise as a security guard. My wife has almost 4 degrees, and is finishing her Master’s in Education and owes less than I do.

I got lied to and scammed and this has caused hardship finacial and emotional hardship within myself and my family. I feel like because of ITT TECHS lies and debt, that I will never be able to provide properly for my family. I was aslo unaware of half the loan debt that I do have from ITT TECH, I only found out about it through my credot reports.

I do not believe that I should have to pay my federal loans nor my private loans because I was scammed with not only a poor education, but false promises and hope. I did not think that something could cause me to lose hope about my future, but ITT TECH did.

I feel like a failure as a human being, a failure as a husband and as a family man. I am glad the school is closed down, but I am anxious and depressed about the debt I have inccured because of this place. I truly can not afford this making miniumum wage.