Tom Schwarze – Madison, WI

Name: Tom Schwarze
Location: Madison, WI

As an advocate for alumni and past attendees of ITT and other for-profit predatory institutions, I could go on all day. In the end though, I’m like the rest. I fell for a hard sell, and then was bullied into remaining at ITT time and again after feeling the whole system at ITT was off.

I was told that I would be placed in a 6 figure job. I had a 4.0 at ITT and 6 years post graduation make less than $50k/year, and had a stagnant wage until the beginning of 2016. I worked for a Fortune 500 and could not get promoted out of entry level in large part because of my degree.

I had terrible credit when I approached ITT, so striking now isn’t going to hurt a barrel bottom credit score anyway. I have less than nothing to lose, financially. And those desperate for a teachout are fooling themselves. They need to get their predatory loans discharged and start over. I only wish I could.